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The challenges local governments face can be, at times, overwhelming. Few municipalities have the resources, knowledge or experience to tackle every issue on their own. At Public Partners, we’ll partner with you in a variety of ways to provide the support, advice, skills and manpower that you need — in almost any situation.

As a full-service team of local government consultants, Public Partners puts experienced professional management consultants and reliable resources right at your fingertips. We offer support in every area of local government management. Whether you’re looking for insights or outside opinions, reliable resources or hands-on help, we provide the people and the connections that can make your life easier — and help you get the job done in the best possible manner.

Team with Public Partners when:

  • You need someone to fill in the gaps.

    Sometimes a need arises but you lack the manpower or necessary experience. Rather than hiring full-time employees and incurring the associated costs, you can hire Public Partners to help you get the job done reliably and efficiently.

  • You want to feel confident that you’re implementing the best solution for your particular situation.

    There’s a reason why our team members are well known in local government circles. We have years of experience in dealing successfully with the issues you face every day — including management, financial, infrastructure, land use, communications and other challenges. The support we can bring to your operations is strong and proven.

  • You want direct access to the best resources available.

    At Public Partners, we’ve created a network of preferred providers. We can help connect you with, or work alongside, the best players in various categories, whether that’s engineering, planning, transportation engineering, legal services or more.

  • You want to be able to control how much or how little support you get.

    Public Partners offers true partnership, which means you can engage us as much or as little as you’d like. Pick and choose from our many offerings – whether it’s a specific project or long-term interim management, we work with you to provide the solutions that meet your goals and objectives.

Some of Public Partners’ Clients since 2010:

  • Aspinwall Borough
  • Bellevue Borough
  • Bradford Woods Borough 
  • Butler Township
  • Crescent Township
  • Franklin Park Borough
  • Jackson Township
  • Marshall Township
  • Town of McCandless
  • McCandless-Franklin Park Ambulance Authority
  • City of Meadville
  • Middlesex Township
  • Moon Township
  • North Fayette Township
  • Pine Township
  • Scott Township
  • Sewickley Borough
  • Sewickley Heights Borough
  • West Deer Township